Celestial Reverie: We Are One

Celestial Reverie: We Are One

Amid a world of pixels bright, where stars embrace the velvety night,
Dreams take flight on wings of rhyme,
In the tapestry of space and time.

Whispers of the moon’s soft glow,
Secrets only stardust knows,
Echoes of a sun-kissed morn,
In every heart, a universe born.

Unfold the map of galaxies spun,
In the cosmic ballet, we are one,
With every wish upon a shooting star,
We bridge the gaps, no matter how far.

So let your spirit soar on astral breeze,
Paint the cosmos with hopes and pleas,
For in this dance of life we share,
The universe listens, always aware.

Beneath the vast, starry canvas above,
We find connection, bound by love,
Each twinkling light, a distant friend,
In this cosmic journey, we’ll transcend.

As we navigate the night’s grand design,
Through galaxies and mysteries, we align,
With souls intertwined, forever aware,
The universe listens, our dreams we share.

So let our voices blend in cosmic song,
As we voyage through the cosmos strong,
In unity, we’ll explore and dare,
For the universe listens, always aware.

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