In the realm of screens and streams they dwell,

Today’s generation, a tale to tell.

Digital natives with minds so keen,

In a world of bytes, they build their dream.


With smartphones as extensions of their hand,

They navigate a virtual wonderland.

Information flows in an endless stream,

They surf the web like a waking dream.


From hashtags to memes, they weave their lore,

Creating connections never seen before.

Yet amidst the pixels, a longing glows,

For deeper bonds and the real world’s shows.


Chasing dreams, they hustle day and night,

In the face of challenges, they shine so bright.

Entrepreneurs of passion, seekers of change,

Today’s generation, breaking every cage.


But let’s not forget their hearts and souls,

The quest for meaning that fuels their roles.

They stand for justice, for the earth, for more,

Today’s generation, knocking on wisdom’s door.


In a whirlwind age where moments fly,

They capture life with a watchful eye.

Oh, today’s generation, a dynamic sight,

A blend of courage, dreams, and endless light.

"Empowerment Unveiled: A Feminist Ode" by Irtaza Bilal

“Empowerment Unveiled: A Feminist Ode” by Irtaza Bilal

In a realm where muted voices once lay, Feminism ascends, unyielding, uncloaked in dismay. A movement bold, a catalyst for change, Crushing the ancient chains with a force untamed. Equality, the resounding anthem it chants, A pledge of liberation, on eagle’s wings it plants. For feminism isn’t a solo endeavor, But a harmonious symphony, bound …

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Media's Melody

Media’s Melody

In pixels and ink, stories unfold, Where tales of the world, in headlines, are told. A powerful force, with words and with sight, Media’s canvas, both day and night. With the stroke of a pen and the click of a key, They paint our lives, for all eyes to see. The news anchors speak, their …

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by Irtaza Bilal

Digital Dreams

In the realm of wires and screens, Where human ingenuity convenes, A world of endless possibility, I sing a song of technology. With every click and line of code, Innovation’s seeds are sowed, A digital landscape, vast and wide, Where human dreams take a joyous ride. From silicon minds, ideas take flight, Connecting souls in …

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