Journey of the Soul: A Traveler's Tale

Journey of the Soul: A Traveler’s Tale By Irtaza Bilal

In lands both near and far I roam,
A wanderer in search of home.
Through valleys deep and mountains tall,
I heed the world’s melodious call.

Beneath the sky’s expansive dome,
I yearn to truly know and comb
The corners of this Earth so vast,
Each moment, like a fleeting blast.

With eager heart, I set my sail,
To ride the wind, to chart my trail.
In foreign tongues, I find my song,
As I journey, swift and strong.

From city streets to desert sands,
I touch the world with open hands.
The cultures and the stories told,
In every face, a tale unfolds.

The rhythm of the train’s embrace,
The sunrise on a distant place,
The laughter shared with friends anew,
In travel’s dance, I find the true.

Through history’s relics and ancient lore,
I learn, and seek to know much more.
In nature’s arms, I find my peace,
Where wanderlust and stillness cease.

From sunrise’s golden hues of morn,
To twilight’s tender colors born,
In every step, a story’s birth,
Upon this journey of great worth.

So let me wander, let me roam,
Through lands and hearts, I’ll find my home.
In travel’s wake, my spirit’s free,
To be the traveler I’m meant to be.

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