"Empowerment Unveiled: A Feminist Ode" by Irtaza Bilal

“Empowerment Unveiled: A Feminist Ode” by Irtaza Bilal

In a realm where muted voices once lay,
Feminism ascends, unyielding, uncloaked in dismay.
A movement bold, a catalyst for change,
Crushing the ancient chains with a force untamed.

Equality, the resounding anthem it chants,
A pledge of liberation, on eagle’s wings it plants.
For feminism isn’t a solo endeavor,
But a harmonious symphony, bound together.

With courage as its pulsating core,
It dismantles bias, forging a new lore.
In each narrative, on every visage’s space,
Feminism carves its sanctified place.

Not a clash of women versus men,
Rather, a plea for equilibrium to mend.
Shattering society’s predetermined mold,
Where every spirit can authentically unfold.

In the pursuit of rights and human grace,
Feminism stands with unwavering embrace.
For every woman and each man,
It envisions a world where equality began.

So, let’s unite in this noble plight,
Embrace transformation, defy the night.
Break the chains that shackle our advance,
Leading with love, in equality’s dance.

Feminism, a lighthouse in the tempest’s might,
Guiding us through the profoundest night.
More than a mere term, it’s a potent stream,
Flowing toward a future where dreams gleam.

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