by Irtaza Bilal

Digital Dreams

In the realm of wires and screens, Where human ingenuity convenes, A world of endless possibility, I sing a song of technology.

With every click and line of code, Innovation’s seeds are sowed, A digital landscape, vast and wide, Where human dreams take a joyous ride.

From silicon minds, ideas take flight, Connecting souls in the silent night, Invisible bonds, electric streams, We chase our digital dreams.

The internet, a global embrace, Bringing distant hearts to the same space, Information flows like a gentle stream, Empowering minds, a digital dream.

Devices small and oh so smart, In our pockets, a work of art, We touch the future with our fingertips, As technology’s evolution never quits.

Yet in this age of ones and zeros, Let’s remember where our heart truly glows, In the warmth of human connection’s gleam, Amidst the wonders of this digital dream.

For though technology has much to give, The essence of life is the way we live, In balance, we find the sweetest theme, Where humanity thrives in a digital dream.

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