Eternal Sands of Time

Eternal Sands of Time

In the grand tapestry of existence, Time weaves its threads with such persistence. A river flowing, ever onward it goes, Through life’s highs and its deepest lows.

Tick-tock, the clock’s relentless chime, Measuring moments in rhythm and rhyme. Each second a jewel in its radiant display, A treasure to cherish, then slip away.

The past, a whisper, a fading refrain, Memories like echoes in the mind’s domain. The present, a gift, in the now it’s found, A jewel encrusted in the heart’s hallowed ground.

Tomorrow’s promise, a dream yet unseen, Hopes and ambitions, like a canvas clean. With each passing day, a new chapter to write, In the book of our lives, in the soft glow of night.

Time is a teacher, both gentle and wise, With lessons in laughter and tearful goodbyes. It molds us like clay, as the years drift by, Carving our story ‘neath the vast, endless sky.

With every sunrise, a chance to begin, To mend what is broken, to let love back in. To savor the moments, to learn and to grow, In the eternal sands of time, we all must bestow.

So, embrace the journey, hold each other tight, In this grand adventure, as day turns to night. For the beauty of life, in its rhythm and rhyme, Is found in the dance with the eternal sands of time.

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