Fresh Beginnings, Fading Dreams

Fresh Beginnings, Fading Dreams

In halls of wisdom, youth did gleam, College dreams, a radiant stream. But now, in search of work they roam, Freshers, forging futures far from home.

With mortarboards and gowns aglow, They ventured forth, eager to grow. But in a world of endless strife, They’re seeking dreams in the job market’s rife.

Oh, university, a grand debut, Where knowledge flowed and friendships grew, Now graduates, they stand alone, In the cold winds of a world unknown.

They grasp their degrees like swords of might, Prepared to conquer day and night, But the job market’s a treacherous sea, Where freshers battle uncertainty.

Resumes polished, dreams unfurled, They brave rejection’s bitter whirl. A dance of interviews, hopes so high, For opportunities in a clear blue sky.

The competition fierce, the road so long, But freshers stand brave, their spirit strong, For in their hearts, a fire burns bright, They’ll persevere through the darkest night.

They’ll learn to adapt, to innovate, To conquer obstacles and navigate, For freshers, the world may seem unkind, But they’ll emerge victorious, refined.

With mentors’ guidance, and hard work’s embrace, They’ll find their path in this sprawling space. Though challenges may come in swarms, Freshers will weather the harshest storms.

So, to the youth in their quest for worth, Remember, dreams inherit the Earth. For though the world may seem so vast, Freshers, your journey is not your last.

In the realm of knowledge and endless grace, Freshers, you’ll find your destined place. With passion and courage, you’ll unfurl, The story of success in this complex world.

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