Listen Up: A Symphony of Words

Listen Up: A Symphony of Words

In a world of chaos, hark, I say, To a symphony of words that light the way, “Listen up,” the poets cry, As tales of wonder reach for the sky.

With every whisper, a story unfolds, In the tapestry of life, its mysteries it holds, Listen up to nature’s song, As the birds and the rivers hum along.

In the city’s buzz and the bustling street, Hear the heartbeat of humanity, so sweet, “Listen up,” the dreamers muse, In the night, the stars, they’ll choose.

Listen to the winds that gently sigh, As they kiss the trees and pass on by, In the silence of a lover’s gaze, Hear the love that words can’t phrase.

From the pages of history to the tales of old, “Listen up,” the storytellers, bold, For in their words, the past comes alive, A treasure trove, we must strive.

The lessons of life, the wisdom of age, “Listen up,” turn the wisdom page, In every language, and every tongue, Let empathy and kindness be sung.

“Listen up” to the unheard cries, Injustice and suffering that never dies, In unity, we find our strength, To change the world, we go to any length.

So, in this symphony of words we find, The essence of the human heart and mind, “Listen up” to voices near and far, For together, we’ll reach the brightest star.

In the tapestry of life, so grand, “Listen up” and take a stand, With every word and every plea, We create a world where all are free.

“Listen up,” the call, the plea, To a world of possibilities, In this symphony, we each play a part, To heal the world, let’s start.

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