Hands of Compassion Uniting Generations

Hands of Compassion: Uniting Generations

In a world where troubles often churn, And paths ahead seem hard to discern, There shines a light, a noble creed, The magic of helping hands in times of need.

With open hearts and outstretched arms, We break down walls and silence alarms, No matter our age, no matter our lands, We unite as one through giving hands.

A toddler’s grasp, so pure and true, In tiny ways, they learn what to do, Guided by elders, who’ve weathered life’s strands, Teaching the strength of compassionate hands.

In youth’s bold vigor, we forge our way, Empathy blooms in the words we say, Shoulder to shoulder, we bravely stand, Harnessing the might of the helping hand.

Midlife’s hustle, a busy tide, Yet kindness flows as we stride, Lending support, taking our stands, Empowering others with capable hands.

The elders’ wisdom, a treasure chest, Through decades of trials, they’ve been put to the test, Gentle and firm, they extend commands, Teaching the world with their steady hands.

So let’s keep the circle forever strong, United in purpose, righting the wrong, With hearts full of love, across all lands, Together we thrive, in helping hands, hand in hand.

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