The Gift of Mindfulness

The Gift of Mindfulness

In the quiet depths of thought we find, A treasure that resides within the mind, A practice known to those who seek the way, To live each moment, come what may.

Mindfulness, a gift so rare and true, A path that leads to skies of endless blue, In the chaos of life’s hurried race, It offers solace, a tranquil space.

With presence keen and senses wide, We let the world around us softly glide, In stillness, we embrace the here and now, Allowing every moment to endow.

The beauty of a flower in full bloom, The whispers of a forest’s ancient gloom, The taste of food, a touch, a gentle breeze, In mindfulness, we find our inner peace.

No past to haunt, no future to contend, The present moment is our dearest friend, With gentle breath and heart that’s wide, We let our worries softly subside.

In mindfulness, we find our hidden strength, A refuge from life’s storms, at any length, A sanctuary where the soul can mend, And lasting joy, it does transcend.

So, practice well this art divine, In stillness, let your inner light shine, For mindfulness, a gift of endless grace, Will guide you to a more tranquil place.

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