The Mirror Within

The Mirror Within

In the quiet chambers of my mind, I seek a truth, my own to find. A journey deep, a quest profound, To understand the soul unbound.

I gaze into the mirror’s glass, Reflecting questions that I ask, Who am I beneath the skin? A universe that lies within.

I see my flaws, I see my grace, The battles fought, the fears I face. In every line, in every scar, I find the person I truly are.

I’ve danced through joys, and wept through pain, Each moment etched in this earthly plane. But in self-awareness, I now see, The essence of what makes me, me.

With each passing day, I grow and learn, The fire within, it continues to burn. I seek my purpose, embrace my flaws, In self-awareness, I find my cause.

I am not just flesh and bone, But a spirit that has brightly shone. With self-awareness, I’ll navigate, The storms of life, my destiny’s gate.

So, let this mirror be my guide, To know myself, I won’t hide. In self-awareness, I am free, To be the best version of me.

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