Things You’re Not Taught in School?

One teacher can make an everlasting impact on a child’s life.

A child spends more time in class than at home, on a typical school day… if we don’t count sleeping (at home, not in class). The time a child spends in school the most developmental years is valuable. There are many things that should be taught, but often aren’t, taught in school.

– Self-defense

it’s important to learn the very basics of self-defense both in terms of being able to protect yourself through the art of speech as well as physically, if it ever comes down to it. Self-defense is an integral part of life, & knowing how to shelter yourself from the evils of the world can boost your confidence, keep you happy, & allow you to live a highly successful life.


Taking a long, hard look at yourself and acknowledging what you’re truly good at, as well as what you are not so good at, is one of the most challenging aspects of life. Few people can do it. It takes practice, & being able to come to terms with what you need to improve on can make you a much better person in all aspects of your life.

– Entrepreneurship

Everyone should teach their kids to be entrepreneurs, because it will teach them important skills. Entrepreneurial skills should teach in the classrooms. But unfortunately school don’t teach this. Even entrepreneurial MBA programs tend to teach you how to manage someone else’s business, rather than how to start your own.

– Leadership

Leadership is encouraged within certain organizations in schools, but true leadership isn’t taught. leaders have initiative, insights, influence, impact, and integrity. While it’s not easy to teach every single one of those, the importance of them can be taught.

– Forgiveness

the act of forgiveness isn’t something that’s currently taught in schools across the world. It’s a process that requires patience and understanding. It puts you into someone else’s shoes, helps you to understand other people, and makes you a more successful person in life.

– Balance

School rightly encourages you to work hard at improving your academic performance, but what it doesn’t truly teach is the ability to balance your life so that you achieve high levels Achieving a great sense of balance is paramount in order to live a happy, heathy life. Managing your time well will allow you to make sure the things that ought to come first do indeed come first.

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