Whispers Across the Miles

Whispers Across the Miles

In lands where oceans stretch so wide,
Two hearts in longing, side by side.
Though distance parts us, love endures,
In whispered dreams, our hearts are yours.

Through time zones, mountains, and the sky,
Our souls in unison, you and I.
No miles too great, no skies too vast,
Our love, a tether meant to last.

In dreams, we meet, our spirits soar,
No space can keep us from the core.
Long-distance hearts, connected souls,
Bound by love, where destiny strolls.

With every dawn and setting sun,
Our love, a journey that’s begun.
Though far apart, we stand so strong,
In distance, love’s sweet siren’s song.

Through every season, we shall thrive,
In separate worlds, yet so alive.
For distance can’t diminish trust,
In love’s embrace, forever just.

So here’s to us, in different spheres,
United hearts, conquering fears.
Though miles may separate our days,
In love, together, always and always.

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