Wings of Change: From Nest to Unknown Sky

Wings of Change: From Nest to Unknown Sky

In the cradle of a place I called my own, Where roots grew deep and memories were sown, I packed my dreams and bade my home goodbye, To spread my wings and reach for the sky.

The old house, weathered, with stories untold, Held secrets of the young and the old, But destiny whispered in the wind’s soft tone, “New horizons await; you must leave this zone.”

With teary eyes, I embraced the past, Fearing that my departure wouldn’t last, But life’s a river, always on the flow, And to new shores, I was destined to go.

Leaving behind the comforts I adored, I ventured forth, my spirit soared, Through valleys and hills, unknown and grand, I sought the treasures in a foreign land.

Each sunrise painted a different hue, Each sunset whispered a promise true, The journey was tough, the road was long, Yet, within me, a fire grew strong.

In the city’s roar, I found my song, In the bustling crowd, where I belonged, New friendships bloomed, like flowers in the spring, And I learned the joy that change can bring.

From the nest I left, to the sky so wide, I spread my wings, with the world as my guide, Embracing the unknown, I found my grace, Leaving the home of my birthplace.

So, fear not the change, the leap, the flight, For in new horizons, your heart will alight, In leaving your home, you’ll discover the key, To unlock the doors of who you’re meant to be.

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