Acceptance is an almost universal human goal. After​all, humans evolved to thrive in groups, where fitting in and earning the trust and respect of our peers are key indicators of success. To be balanced and conscious of how we affect others, we all need to be mindful of how others perceive us. However, being overly concerned with what others think of us can lead us to priorities solely what others want from us rather than what we want and need. And, ironically, what begins as an effort to assure​our happiness and acceptance might wind up doing the opposite. So, here are some suggestions about how to quit caring​about what others think.

– Get to know yourself

What are your true interests? What do you truly desire? Are you making decisions about your profession, relationships, and hobbies because you want to or because you want to please or impress others? Allow yourself to experiment and question, “What might I pursue or like if I wasn’t so afraid of being judged?”

– Allow yourself to be vulnerable

Going against the grain, speaking out, taking a risk, or facing criticism can be daunting. But pick what is important to you, believe in yourself, and go for it. We don’t grow by constantly playing things safe; we grow by giving ourselves the opportunity to fail.

– Keep things in perspective
It is believed that if people knew how little others think of them, they would care a lot less about what others think of them. And it’s true: everyone has plenty to keep them busy. They, too, are concerned about their own vulnerabilities. If you’re concerned about how you appear to someone you’ve just met.

– Be your own friend

Whatever you do, you will never be able to make everyone like you. But, on the plus side, no one else is capable of doing it. Accept the feelings of disappointment that will definitely arise when you realize you haven’t created a connection with someone, and instead set a goal that will help you get closer to becoming the person you want to be.

– Educate Yourself

The fact that you care what other people think of you is due to a sense of inadequacy. Only by educating yourself will you be able to combat this. Perhaps you’re extremely self-aware of who you are and what you have to give people. While what you can offer them should not matter, educating yourself​can help you develop confidence. Take on the challenge of learning a new skill or two.

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