If you feel your day has been wasted, then it probably was. You are not making the most of your time each day.

Here’s what you can do from now on to stop wasting time:

– Begin the Day with Intention

If you start the day with intention with a set of meaningful objectives to complete each day, you are maximizing your time. for eg. wake up in the morning with plan such as Exercise, studying, listen to podcast & many more.

– Keep to a Schedule

You need to set your goals, track how you spend your time, and have prioritized what needs to be done and be flexible. Start your work earlier.

– Keep Yourself on Accountable

when you create a schedule, do your best to stick to it and do not cheat. If you start a task late you may throw off productivity for your whole day or even worse so it’s very important to stick on it.

– Limit Your Time

Set hard deadlines for tasks to help you stay on track. Set a maximum allowable time limit for tasks & stick to it. If you get something done sooner, Fantastic! If not, having a time limit lets you know when to quickly finish up or move on to the next task.

– You Technology to Help

Technology; the Web, email, social networking sites can distract you for hours on end. But it can help too. Look for tools to help you track and schedule your time, remind you when you need to do something.

– Do something you love

if you want to run a business, you can start making small progress towards your dream even with a full-time job.

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