Radiant Bliss

Radiant Bliss

In a world of shadows, where darkness does persist, There exists a treasure, in the heart, it does subsist, A beacon of light, a guiding star so bright, The sweetest gift of life, it’s called pure happiness, all right.

It dances in the sunlight, it sings within the rain, It knows no bounds, no judgments, no sorrow, only gain, Happiness, oh happiness, your magic knows no end, A symphony of joy, a bond that hearts can mend.

In laughter’s gentle melody, in friendships true and deep, In every tender moment, in every dream we keep, Happiness is the key, to unlock the soul’s embrace, And in its warm and loving glow, we find our resting place.

From the gentle sigh of morning, to the twilight’s soft caress, Happiness is the painting on life’s canvas, a masterpiece no less, It’s in the love we give, the kindness we bestow, A river of compassion, in which our spirits flow.

Happiness, you’re a song, in every heart you play, In the joy of giving, in the dawn of each new day, You’re the beauty in the smallest things, the warmth in every smile, In the innocence of children, you linger for a while.

In the stillness of a forest, in the roar of ocean’s waves, In the stories of the wise, and in the peace of hidden caves, Happiness is the secret, whispered by the ancient trees, It’s carried on the wind, and woven in the tales of breeze.

It’s the power to heal, to bridge the deepest rift, A refuge for the weary, a precious, priceless gift, Happiness, oh happiness, you’re the treasure we pursue, A kaleidoscope of colors, in life’s vibrant, endless view.

So, let us chase your light, wherever it may roam, Through valleys and through mountains, to places yet unknown, Embrace the joy within you, let it bloom and grow, For in the garden of your soul, true happiness will flow.

In every heart, in every soul, you have a place, a part, You’re the melody of life, the rhythm of the heart, Happiness, our beacon, our guiding star so bright, In your radiant embrace, we find our endless light.

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