Whispers of Innocence

Whispers of Innocence

In the garden of my mind, I stroll, Where childhood memories lie, untold. A tapestry of laughter and joy, A treasure trove without alloy.

Innocence blooms like wildflowers bright, Beneath the golden sun’s warm light. Running barefoot through the fields of green, A world where every day was a dream.

Climbing trees and scraping knees, Trading secrets on the summer breeze. Hide and seek, the thrill of the chase, Life was but a sweet and carefree embrace.

Golden locks and muddy hands, Building castles in the golden sands. The taste of ice cream on a sunny day, With friends who’d never fade away.

Bicycle rides down winding lanes, Through autumn leaves like falling rain. Puddles jumped, and kites took flight, In the canvas of my memory, they’re painted bright.

School days filled with wonder and glee, Learning, growing, finding me. Teachers’ wisdom, books unfurled, Shaping the map of this small world.

Winter’s snow, a silent hush, In the glow of the fireplace’s gentle blush. Cozy blankets and bedtime stories, Filling our hearts with endless glories.

The lullaby of crickets at night, Underneath a sky adorned with starlight. Childhood memories, a priceless treasure, A bond of love, an endless pleasure.

These moments, etched in my heart, Will never fade, will never depart. Childhood, a realm of dreams and schemes, Forever alive in whispers and gleams.

Oh, how I long to be there again, To relive those moments, and then, Find solace in those memories so sweet, In the world where innocence and love did meet.

Though the years have swiftly flown, In my heart, those seeds are sown. Childhood memories, a timeless rhyme, Captured in the canvas of space and time.

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