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Schools should reduce the amount of work assigned to students

The majority of students have, at some point, wished for less homework. Some students’ homework is not a big deal, but for others, it can take hours or even days to complete all of their homework. Instead of homework, that squandered time could have been spent on recreation or learning life skills. As a result, students should be assigned less homework because it improves their well-being by reducing stress and its negative effects on health, increasing leisure time, and demonstrating that homework has no significant effect on grades.

After a long six-hour day of lectures, students usually spend a few hours doing homework to try to absorb all of the information for the next day. This is already a lot of information for our brain to process, and students still have to go home and do more work after six hours. Homework can cause a lot of stress for students and can interfere with their weekend activities or family time. Students should have less homework so that the frustrations that run through a child’s mind aren’t overburdened, as well as getting fewer hours of sleep for staying up and affecting their own health to stay up to complete homework.

Parents have noticed their children staying up for school, regardless of grade level. Parents saw their children suffering at school because teachers overburdened them with homework that prepared them for college. Students should have less homework to reduce stress.

Furthermore, working is important, but so is keeping your body healthy. Staying up late at night may interfere with students’ sleep patterns. According to Too Much Homework, Too Little Time, being unhealthy has a negative impact on children’s development, and approximately 29% of students around the age of 13 stay up late doing homework. They do their homework for at least two hours and go to bed at 11:00 p.m. For children, this can lead to a drop in grades as well as a lack of sleep, which can negatively impact their health, unhealthy eating habits, and other factors. To maintain students’ health, schools should assign them less work after school.

Even though students stay up late for homework, the overwhelming feeling that students experience is kept inside. When their child is stuck on a math problem, writing an essay, or reading a long book, parents can see all of these frustrations running through their child’s mind. Furthermore, teachers should be reasonable in how much homework they assign. Homework should only take an hour or so to complete. Less homework should be assigned by teachers for the sake of students’ and teachers’ own health.

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